(whites and yellows)
(coppers and blues)
Butterfly Common Name Subfamily Tribe Comments
Anisynta cynone cynone Cynone Grass-skipper Trapezitinae Trapezitini -
Trapezites luteus luteus Rare White-spot Rush-skipper Trapezitinae Trapezitini Probably extinct
Trapezites phigalia Phigalia Rush-skipper Trapezitinae Trapezitini -
Antipodia atralba Black and White Sedge-skipper Trapezitinae Mesodinini -
Hesperilla chrysotricha cyclospila Chrysotricha Sedge-skipper Trapezitinae Hesperillini -
Hesperilla donnysa donnysa
- dark forms
Donnysa Sedge-skipper Trapezitinae Hesperillini -
Hesperilla donnysa donnysa
- pale form flavescens
Yellowish Sedge-skipper Trapezitinae Hesperillini Probably extinct
Hesperilla idothea clara Flame Sedge-skipper Trapezitinae Hesperillini -
Motasingha trimaculata trimaculata Dingy four-spot Sedge-skipper Trapezitinae Hesperillini -
Cephrenes augiades sperthias Orange Palm-dart Hesperiinae
(darters and swifts)
Taractrocerini Possibly present
Ocybadistes walkeri hypochlorus Southern Grass-dart Hesperiinae
(darters and swifts)
Taractrocerini -
Taractrocera papyria papyria White-banded Grass-dart Hesperiinae
(darters and swifts)
Taractrocerini -
Butterfly Common Name Subfamily Tribe Comments
Papilio aegeus aegeus Orchard Swallowtail Papilioninae Papilionini
(fluted swallowtails)
Occasional vagrant
Papilio anactus Dingy Swallowtail Papilioninae Papilionini
(fluted swallowtails)
Papilio demoleus sthenelus Chequered Swallowtail Papilioninae Papilionini
(fluted swallowtails)
Butterfly Common Name Subfamily Tribe Comments
Catopsilia pyranthe crokera White Migrant Coliadinae (yellows) - Occasional vagrant
Eurema (Terias) smilax Small Grass-yellow Coliadinae (yellows) - Migrant
Belenois java teutonia Caper White Pierinae (whites) - Migrant
Delias aganippe Wood White Pierinae (whites) - -
*Pieris rapae rapae Cabbage White Pierinae (whites) - -
Butterfly Common Name Subfamily Tribe Comments
Danaus petilia Lesser Wanderer Danainae (milk-sap butterflies) - -
Danaus plexippus plexippus Wanderer, Monarch Danainae (milk-sap butterflies) - -
Euploea core corinna Common Crow, Oleander Butterfly Danainae (milk-sap butterflies) - Occasional vagrant
Geitoneura acantha ocrea Ringed Xenica Satyrinae (browns) Satyrini -
Geitoneura klugii Common Xenica Satyrinae (browns) Satyrini -
Heteronympha merope merope Common Brown Satyrinae (browns) Satyrini -
Polyura sempronius Tailed Emperor Charaxinae - -
Hypolimnas bolina nerina Common Eggfly Nymphalinae (nymphs) - Occasional vagrant
Junonia villida calybe Meadow Argus Nymphalinae (nymphs) - -
Vanessa itea Australian Admiral Nymphalinae (nymphs) - -
Vanessa kershawi Australian Painted Lady Nymphalinae (nymphs) - -
Butterfly Common Name Subfamily Tribe Comments
Acrodipsas brisbanensis Bronze Ant-blue Theclinae Luciini Possibly present
Hypochrysops ignitus ignitus Fiery Jewel Theclinae Luciini Probably extinct
Lucia limbaria Small Copper Theclinae Luciini -
Ogyris amaryllis meridionalis
- coastal form
Amaryllis Azure Theclinae Ogyrini (azures) -
Ogyris olane Olane Azure Theclinae Ogyrini (azures) -
Ogyris genoveva form genua Genoveva Azure Theclinae Ogyrini (azures) -
Ogyris halmaturia Eastern Large Bronze Azure Theclinae Ogyrini (azures) Extinct
Ogyris otanes otanes Small Bronze Azure Theclinae Ogyrini (azures) Extinct
Jalmenus icilius Icilius Hairstreak Theclinae Zesiini -
Candalides heathi heathi Rayed Blue Polyommatinae Candalidini -
Cyprotides cyprotus (Hall) Cyprotus Pencilled-blue Polyommatinae Candalidini Probably extinct
Erina acasta (Cox) Blotched Dusky-blue Polyommatinae Candalidini -
Erina hyacinthina form simplexa Western Dusky-blue Polyommatinae Candalidini -
Lampides boeticus Long-tailed Pea-blue Polyommatinae Polyommatini -
Nacaduba biocellata biocellata Two-spotted Line-blue Polyommatinae Polyommatini -
Neolucia agricola agricola Fringed Heath-blue Polyommatinae Polyommatini -
Theclinesthes albocincta Bitter-bush Blue Polyommatinae Polyommatini -
Theclinesthes miskini miskini Wattle Blue Polyommatinae Polyommatini -
Theclinesthes serpentata serpentata Salt-bush Blue Polyommatinae Polyommatini -
Zizina otis labradus Common Grass-blue Polyommatinae Polyommatini -