Eurema(Terias) smilax (Donovan)  (Small Grass-yellow)

smilax_1st_instar.jpg (23945 bytes)smilax_1st_instar2.jpg (24507 bytes)

Early first instar larva, head on left

Poison tipped setae near the posterior end of a first instar larva

smilax_1st_instarlate.jpg (24773 bytes)smilax_2nd_instar.jpg (26286 bytes)

Late first instar larva on left, second instar larva on right.
The poison tipped setae are obvious

Third instar larva on left, fourth instar larva on right

Side views of fourth instar larva on left and fifth instar larva on right

Fifth (final) instar larva near the time of pupation

Closeup of fifth instar head.  Minute liquid tipped setae are also obvious on body

Photography by R. Grund