Elodina padusa (Hewitson)  (Narrow-winged Pearl-white)

First instar larvae, early on left, mid on right

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Late first instar larva on left, early second instar on right

Second instar larvae

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Second instar, closeup of mid-dorsal scoli and protuberant poison tipped setae

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Third instar larvae

Third instar, closeup of head and mid-dorsal scoli

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Fourth instar larva

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Fourth instar larvae showing their manner of eating the edge of the foodplant leaf

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Fifth and final instar larvae

Fifth instar.  Photo on left is a closeup of head, showing orange protuberances on head,
and purple scoli and protuberances behind the head.  Photo on right shows the mid-dorsal scoli

padusa_la3_5th.jpg (20627 bytes)

Fifth instar, closeup of forked tail

padusa_la4_5th.jpg (28918 bytes)

Fifth instar larva showing its manner of eating the edge of the foodplant leaf

Photography by R. Grund