Belenois java teutonia (Fabricius)   (Caper White)

First instar larvae after having demolished their egg shells

First instar larvae with poison tipped setae (hairs)

Closeup of first instar larva with poison tipped setae.
The poison develops as soon as the larva emerges from the egg

Late first instar larva moulting on left.  Second instar on right.   Head on left

Third instar on left, fourth instar on right.  Head on left

Poison tipped setae on a fourth instar larva

Poison tipped seta on a fourth instar larva during its moulting process to a fifth instar,
showing the poison filled glandular sac at the base of the seta

Mature larvae of Belenois java on Capparis mitchellii

Photography by R. Grund