Delias aganippe (Donovan)  (Wood White)


aganippe_quandong_Yalata.jpg (51742 bytes)

Red fruited (edible) Quandong tree (Santalum acuminatum), a larva foodplant of the Wood White.
Fruit are 25 mm in diameter

Amyema melaleucae on Melaleuca lanceolata (48035 bytes)

Red flowering Amyema melaleucae parasitising the Black Tea-tree (Melaleuca lanceolata) on Yorke Peninsula.
The mistletoe parasitises mainly M. lanceolata but also sometimes M. halmaturorum (Swamp Paperbark)

Amyema melaleucae close up (56077 bytes)

Closeup of Amyema melaleucae.  The mistletoe is a preferred larva foodplant
in coastal areas for the Wood White and also the Amaryllis Azure (Ogyris amaryllis)

Amyema preissii (61978 bytes)

Amyema preissii close up (53923 bytes)

The red flowering Wire-leaf Mistletoe (Amyema preissii).   It usually parasitises Acacia.

Amyema pendula (71157 bytes)

Amyema pendula (orange-green leaf clumps), parasitising
Eucalyptus baxteri in the Lower Southeast Region

Amyema miquelii (61756 bytes)

Red flowering Amyema miquelii parasitising Eucalyptus,
an important larva foodplant for the Wood White in woodland areas

Amyema quandang on Acacia papyrocarpa  (51532)

Grey Mistletoe (Amyema quandong)
parasitising a Western Myall tree (Acacia papyrocarpa)

Amyema quandang close up (50726 bytes)

Closeup of Amyema quandong.
It is an important larva foodplant for the Wood White in inland areas

Photography by R. Grund