Papilio anactus W.S. Macleay  (Dingy Swallowtail)

anactus_la_first_early2.jpg (21582 bytes)

First instar larva immediately after emerging from egg

anactus_la_first_late.jpg (34378 bytes)

First instar larva about to moult

anactus_la_second_early.jpg (28683 bytes)

Second instar larva soon after moulting

anactus_la_third_early.jpg (30907 bytes)

Third instar larvae. 
The larva at the bottom has just completed a moult and the head is still yellow, which soon turns black 

anactus_la_fourth_late.jpg (39829 bytes)

Fourth instar larva

anactus_la_final.jpg (29329 bytes)anactus_la2_final.jpg (33035 bytes)

Fifth and final instar larva

anactus_la4_final.jpg (54454 bytes)

Prepupal larvae

Head to the left in all photographs

Top photograph by R. Fisher, others by R. Grund