Polyura sempronius (Fabricius)    (Tailed Emperor)

Second instar larva after moulting, with its previous head capsule still present

Photography by L. Hunt

Head of second instar

Third instar larva

Head of third instar

Photography by R. Grund

Intermediate instars resting on their silk pads

A fourth instar larva in a disturbed pose

Photography by L. Hunt

Fourth instar larva

Head of fourth instar

Fourth instar on left, 45 minutes before moulting.  Head of new fifth instar, still within the body-skin of the
fourth instar can be clearly seen behind the (now empty) head capsule of the fourth instar.
Head of fifth instar on right, 15 minutes after moulting and after expanding its head horns.  Old fourth instar
head capsule is still attached.

Photography by R. Grund

Photography by L. Hunt

Early fifth instar larva side view, resting on its silk pad in a disturbed pose with its front and rear ends elevated

Photography by R. Fisher

Fifth instar larva, dorsal view

Closeup of lunette marking on fifth instar

Closeup of secondary setae on lunette

Closeup of a blue based secondary seta

Photography by R. Grund

Fifth instar larva, showing an abnormal number of yellow lunettes

Head of fifth instar larva

Photography by L. Hunt