Argynnina cyrila Waterhouse and Lyell   (Forest Xenica)

cyrila_la_1st_new.jpg (41584 bytes)

First instar larva (2mm) just emerged from egg.  Setae have sticky knobs.

cyrila_la_1st_late.jpg (25314 bytes)

Late first instar larva (4mm) after having eaten grass.

cyrila_la2_1st_new.jpg (29487 bytes)

First instar larva in defensive pose with head reared up.

cyrila_la_1st_setae.jpg (13312 bytes)

Closeup of setae on neck of above first instar.

cyrila_la_2nd_early.jpg (15167 bytes)cyrila_la_2nd_late.jpg (16518 bytes)

Early second instar larva (5mm) Late second instar larva (8mm)

cyrila_la_3rd.jpg (20236 bytes)cyrila_la2_3rd.jpg (16703 bytes)

Early third instar larva (9mm)

cyrila_la_4th.jpg (20486 bytes)cyrila_la2_4th.jpg (21191 bytes)

Early fourth instar larva (14mm)

cyrila_la_5th.jpg (32415 bytes)
cyrila_la2_5th.jpg (30864 bytes)

Late fifth instar (23mm)

cyrila_la_head_2nd.jpg (18613 bytes)cyrila_la_head_3rd.jpg (23222 bytes)cyrila_la_head_4th.jpg (25258 bytes)cyrila_la_head_5th.jpg (29895 bytes)

Head capsules (left to right) of second-fifth instar larvae.
Width of second instar head is 0.5mm, fifth instar is 3mm.

cyrila_la2_head_5th.jpg (44862 bytes)

Side closeup of fifth instar larva head.

Photography by R. Grund