Ogyris otanes otanes (C. and R. Felder)   (Small Bronze Azure)

Dry woodland habitat, containing Choretrum glomeratum (centre).

Choretrum glomeratum, foodplant of Ogyris otanes. The plant on the right is about 1 m high.
The burnt looking plant on the left is a foodhost for larvae of Ogyris otanes.

A close-up view of the above burnt looking Choretrum glomeratum, showing the 'brown burnt' scoring marks
left by feeding larvae of Ogyris otanes. A fruit of the plant occurs centre left and is about 5 mm long.

A very low group of cropped Choretrum glomeratum bushes, about 35 cm high,
containing a colony of Ogyris otanes
noticeable by the scoring of the central bush.

Photography by R. Grund