Erina hyacinthina form josephina (Harris)   (Common Dusky-blue)
Erina hyacinthina form simplexa (Tepper)   (Western Dusky-blue)

Cassytha_pubescens_LSE.jpg (72047 bytes)

Downy or Rusty Dodder-laurel Cassytha pubescens hostplant for the Common Dusky-blue,
parasitising tea-tree in the Lower Southeast Region. Flower buds.

Cpeninsularis_SYP_Oct99_2sss.jpg (50797 bytes)Cpeninsularis_Hincks_2s.jpg (52793 bytes)

Streaked Dodder-laurel Cassytha peninsularis a hostplant for the Western Dusky-blue. Flower buds and red streaked fruit.

Cassytha_melantha_EP.jpg (41594 bytes)Cassytha_melantha2_EP.jpg (31557 bytes)

Coarse Dodder-laurel or Devil's twine Cassytha melantha hostplant for the Western Dusky-blue,
parasitising Eucalyptus on Eyre Peninsula.  Black-downed flowers on left, smooth fruit on right.

Cassytha pubescens - Germein Reserve_2ss.jpg (59668 bytes)

Dodder-laurel can sometimes become rampant.  Downy Dodder-laurel Cassytha pubescens in the Lower Southeast
Region (left) and
Devil's twine Cassytha melantha roadside on the Eyre Highway near Ceduna, Eyre Peninsula (right).

Photography by R. Grund