Theclinesthes albocincta (Waterhouse)   (Bitter-bush Blue)

albocincta_prepupa_Ooldea.jpg (36548 bytes)

Prepupa just before pupation showing the turquoise colour due to green
haemolymph blood showing through the transparent outer cuticle

Closeup of a pupa of T. albocincta inland form

Photography by R. Fisher

Pupae of T. albocincta coastal form attached to the debris found around the base of the foodplant

A small parasitoid Ichneumonid wasp that has developed inside a pupa of T. albocincta

albocincta_pupalshelter_SP.jpg (28189 bytes)

Pupal shelter constructed from two leaves of hostplant A. urticoides var hookeri
in the Gawler Ranges

Photography by R. Grund