Theclinesthes albocincta (Waterhouse) (Bitter-bush Blue)

Typical coastal back-dune habitat (sea to the left) south of Adelaide, in which
Adriana quadripartita form klotzschii thrives. A large clump of Adriana is present in the centre foreground

Adriana quadripartita form klotzschii (centre and foreground),
growing in a coastal sand plain environment north of Adelaide

Adriana urticoides var. hookeri (centre foreground), growing in a mallee dune environment

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Adriana urticoides var. hookeri growing in an inland dune environment at Ooldea Soak

albocincta_Aklotzschii_m.jpg (58933 bytes)

Male flowers of Adriana quadripartita form klotzschii, the preferred part of the foodplant
upon which female Theclinesthes albocincta will lay eggs

Male flowers of Adriana urticoides var. hookeri

Female flowers and fruit of Adriana urticoides var. hookeri

Photography by R. Grund