Acrodipsas brisbanensis (Miskin)   (Bronze Ant-blue)

brisbanensis_ad4_m_M.jpg (39839 bytes)brisbanensis_ad2_m_M.jpg (33514 bytes)

Male from central Victoria

brisbanensis_ad3_m_Gr.jpg (45100 bytes)

Male from the Grampians

brisbanensis_ad_mf_Gr.jpg (51647 bytes)

Female left being courted by a male on right, Grampians

Photography by Geoff Walker

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brisbanensis_ad_m2_MR.jpg (76288 bytes)

Males from the Upper Southeast

brisbanensis_ad_f_MR.jpg (49970 bytes)

brisbanensis_ad_f2_MR.jpg (55208 bytes)

Female from the Upper Southeast

Photography by R. Grund