Pasma tasmanica (Miskin)   (Two-spotted Grass-skipper)

tasmanica_la_1st.jpg (16275 bytes)tasmanica_la2_1st.jpg (15032 bytes)

First instar larva (2mm) just emerged from egg

tasmanica_la_2nd.jpg (16401 bytes)tasmanica_la2_2nd.jpg (16669 bytes)

Second instar larva (3mm)

tasmanica_la_2nd_shelter.jpg (16221 bytes)

Rolled-tube leaf shelter, typical of first and second instar stage larvae.

tasmanica_la_3rd.jpg (26771 bytes)

Third instar larva (6mm)

tasmanica_la_3rd_shelter.jpg (14110 bytes)

Tip-folded leaf shelter constructed on weeping rice-grass by a third instar larva.

tasmanica_la_4th.jpg (25064 bytes)

Fourth instar larva (10mm)

tasmanica_la_5th_early.jpg (26549 bytes)

Early fifth instar larva (14mm)

tasmanica_la_5th_late.jpg (29355 bytes)tasmanica_la2_5th_late.jpg (28591 bytes)

Late fifth instar larva (20mm) near prepupa stage

tasmanica_la_5th_head.jpg (24660 bytes)

Head of fifth instar larva.
Long hairs below mouth are the antennae.

tasmanica_la_5th_shelter.jpg (30806 bytes)

Typical multi-leaved shelter constructed by fifth instar larvae,
in this example on weeping rice-grass.

Photography by R. Grund