Proeidosa polysema (Lower)  (Spinifex Skipper)

polysema_la_MP.jpg (19393 bytes)

Dessicated final instar larva, found dead in its shelter from effects of drought,
(body colour is normally bluish green)

polysema_la_head_MP.jpg (17582 bytes)polysema_la_head2_MP.jpg (18414 bytes)

Closeup of above larva head, (head colour is normally dark brown as below)

polysema_pu_old_MP.jpg (38137 bytes)

Empty pupal shell and pre-pupa moult head of final instar larva (left), exposed in shelter,
(pupa colour is normally yellow-green)

polysema_pu_cremaster_MP.jpg (19896 bytes)

Ventral side closeup of above pupa cremaster

Photography by R. Grund