Proeidosa polysema (Lower)  (Spinifex Skipper)

polysema_pungens_hab.jpg (48743 bytes)

Hostplant Triodia pungens covering a red dune,
habitat of Proeidosa polysema in northwest South Australia

polysema_pungens.jpg (96073 bytes)

Triodia pungens.  Young plants in foreground.
Triodia remnant in background forms part of an ancient Triodia growth circle

polysema_shelter_pungens.jpg (72860 bytes)

Young Triodia plant with final larva shelter of Proeidosa polysema situated in middle of plant

polysema_shelter_close_MP.jpg (58452 bytes)

Closeup of final larva shelter of Proeidosa polysema.
Opening is at base of shelter and larva sits inside with head pointing towards base of plant

Photography by R. Grund