Hesperilla idothea idothea (Miskin)   (Flame Sedge-skipper)
Hesperilla idothea clara Waterhouse   (Flame Sedge-skipper)

Photography by R. Grund

Pupa, subspecies clara

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Photography by R. Fisher

Pupa and partly opened shelter of subspecies clara,
made near a leaf base on Gahnia seiberiana

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Closeup of pupa operculum (dorsal side at top of photo)

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Closeup of pupa cremaster, ventral view on left, dorsal view on right
(hooked cremaster bristles and abdominal conical bristle bases visible)

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Closeup of bristles on the cremaster, which are flattened for strength and hooked at the ends
so that the pupa can anchor itself to the silk lined shelter (in the same manner as velcro)

Photography by R. Grund