Dispar compacta (Butler)  (Barred Grass-skipper)

compacta_pu_Pen.jpg (34245 bytes)

compacta_pu_2_ Pen.jpg (26970 bytes)compacta_pu_3_Pen.jpg (23831 bytes)

Pupae (15mm)

compacta_pu_4_Pen.jpg (26686 bytes)

Pupa without the coat of white bloom

compacta_pu_operc2_Pen.jpg (38387 bytes)compacta_ pu_operc_Pen.jpg (18688 bytes)

Pupa head area (operculum)

compacta_pu_crembas_Pen.jpg (15585 bytes)compacta_pu_cremdors_Pen.jpg (16812 bytes)

Pupa posterior end cremaster and hooks; ventral view left, dorsal view right

compacta_pupashelter.jpg (46546 bytes)compacta_pupashelter2.jpg (19081 bytes)

A double-rolled leaf within host grass being used as a shelter by a fifth instar larva on left (lower part of head just showing), and a pupa on the right (white head showing).  The opening to the pupa shelter is usually not sealed by a silk web. Opening of pupa shelter is sometimes partially blocked by strong strands of silk

compacta_pu_head_shelter_Pen.jpg (34235 bytes)

Closeup of pupa head in above leaf shelter, showing extra frontal spots

Photography by R. Grund