Croitana arenaria arenaria Edwards  (Inland Grass-skipper)

Croitana arenaria pilepudla Grund  (Kimba Grass-skipper)

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First instar larva, northern race, head on right

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First instar, southern race

arenaria_la_1st_shelter_Yal.jpg (20540 bytes)

First instar in process of constructing its first shelter, southern race

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First instar shelter, southern race

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Second instar, northern race                                               Third instar, southern race

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Third instar, northern race Fourth instar, southern race (after 2 months of diapause)

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Fourth instar, northern race

(21200 bytes)(19206 bytes)

Northern race                                                                      Southern race
Final fifth instar

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Fifth instar, southern race

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Southern race             Northern race
Closeup of final instar head, showing different colour forms

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Final larva shelter of the northern race, on Enteropogon acicularis.
The shelter opening is from beneath

(39357 bytes)

Late instar larva shelter and eat marks of the northern race, on E. acicularis.
A two leaved shelter is present on lower left side, opening from the bottom

Photography by R. Grund