Croitana arenaria arenaria Edwards  (Inland Grass-skipper)

Croitana arenaria pilepudla Grund  (Kimba Grass-skipper)

arenaria_Aplatychaeta_base.jpg (202067 bytes)

Tall, pink flowered, multi-stemmed and multi-branched spear-grass Austrostipa platychaeta,
larva foodplant for the southern race.  The grass is about a metre high

arenaria_Aplatychaeta_head.jpg (83051 bytes)

Flower head of Austrostipa platychaeta

arenaria_Aacrociliata_head.jpg (54363 bytes)

Flower head of Austrostipa acrociliata

arenaria_Aacrociliata_base.jpg (84192 bytes)

Multi-stemmed leaf base of Austrostipa acrociliata

arenaria_Aelegantissima.jpg (75390 bytes)

Multi-stemmed and multi-branched Austrostipa elegantissima
with large white spidery flower plumes

Photography by R. Grund